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Phone screen does not display

Phone sucked water on a table and stopped displaying on its screen but every other thing works sound but no screen display please help

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Immediately turn it off. Do not attempt to charge it. If you can, remove the battery. As long as there is power flowing through wet components the damage is getting worse. Get your hands on a T6 torx screwdriver, you'll beneeding it for any repair attempts. also remove the SD card and SIM card. Before trying to see if the device works again, we need to dry it thoroughly. here is a link with instructions on how to open and disassemble your device. There are also written instructions and diagrams linked on the page. Open the phone, if not already done remove the battery (follow the instuctions carefully so as not to break anything.) Remove any water you see with newspaper, filter paper etc. Preferably something that will not fall apart or snag on components. A hair dryer can be used to aid in drying but be careful not to overheat. The use of a hair dryer is optional, if used remember heat can damage your device. Move the airflow about and hold it At a distance. I like to keep a hand in the airflow, if it's too hot for my hand it's too hot for the phone. Do this until you think you've got it dry. If you see any corrosion as evidenced by a green or bluish deposit carefully clean with 90% alcohol and a soft toothbrush. Take extreme care not to damage anything! If you found corrosion at all I advise disassembly and inspection /cleaning of all boards. Dry. Reassemble without the battery yet. Put everything in a sealable bag with silica gel (water glass) if you can't do that dry rice, kitty litter (clay pellet or crystal or crystal type) or oatmeal may be used but does not work as well. Seal it wait at least 24 to 48 hours (this step is to absorb any remaining moisture). Reassemble installing battery and see if it works. If not try charging the battery. If still not try replacement battery. If still no joy. Contact someone who can do board level repair. Explain honestly what happened, what steps you took in attempting repair. Just like a doctor, the repair technician needs the truth in detail for an accurate diagnosis. Many things may have been damaged and it isn't easy to track down and fix them. So pro is probably where you want to go next. On an older phone repair may not make economic sense. Recover (backup) your data to your pc if you can't see the screen use a usb keyboard to unlock it if necessary.

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