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My iPhone doesn’t record voice notes or call


My iPhone 7 plus fell on the ground yesterday while I was recording a video, after this the video started to give a buzz sound at first and then and it records videos but with no sound after that I’m not able to record any voice notes, or even call

I tried to use earphones but the phone doesn’t recognise it even a wireless one the phone recognised it but doesn’t record or call

Also so many things are messed up in the software and the phone is acting strange ex: sometimes doesn’t press on video record button, instagram bugs sometimes doesn’t save the story etc

I just need to know if it is a mic issue or a software issue

Is it possible that falling on the ground causes software issue ? And if its a mic issue why still not working with a wireless headphones

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Possibly something has gone wrong with the logic board? If there is an issue I think it would cause glitching while trying to use the phone, and it has stopped the phone from recognizing microphones?

I wouldn't think it would be the microphones, because it doesn't even work with wireless headphones. Have you made sure that those headphones you are using have a microphone?


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First thing I would do if you have not already is restart your phone. Software problems generally don't appear after a drop, unless it caused power to become disconnected when the system was making a change to something in storage.

I will note, the iPhone 7 and 7+ have a known and well documented issue regarding the Audio IC (the chip on the board which handles audio functions). There are a few connections under that chip which tend to become loose or disconnected altogether, generally due to flexion of the device/board. But a good hard drop could definitely make this worse. It's not a super typical presentation of this. Typically bluetooth headphones would still function with that issue, but I wouldn't entirely rule it out as a factor.

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Hi! Were you able to solve the issue? What was the problem?

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Yes. As far as I can remember it was an Ic audio issue and got fixed by a technician


Regarding whether it's a mic issue or a software issue, it's difficult to determine without a thorough inspection. However, given the symptoms you described, it's likely a combination of both. Falls can result in hardware damage, which in turn can lead to software glitches.


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Given the symptoms you described, it's likely a combination of both mic and software issues. Falls can result in hardware damage, which, in turn, can lead to software glitches. Since it's been two years, I hope you've had the opportunity to get your iPhone checked, but if not, it's still worth going to a certified Apple service center or technician. For additional insights on iPhone issues, you can visit applevox.com. They have updated information and tips that could be helpful.

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