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Reparatur- und Zerlegeanleitungen für Samsungs S20+ Android Flaggschiff-Smartphone vom März 2020

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samsung blocking parts replacement? No network after part replacemen

My S20+ port got moisture problem, so i bought a replacement charging port on ebay. here is with i found

  1. disconnecting and connecting OG charging port fix the moisture problems but randomly happen again in between 1 to 3 week
  2. I get no network if i boot with replacement charging port.
  3. If i boot up with OG charging port, then change it to replacement charging port. everything works Till i restart the phone

why is this happening? is samsung blocking third party parts?

Update (06/03/2022)

forgot to say when i meant no network, it mean a a circle with a line cross it

but yeah, i meant the whole USB-C Charging Port. my phone is the Taiwan model(i am in UK currently), the G9860, i made sure the replacement part is for the G9860(its printed on the board).

If its incompatible parts that is causing the network problem, it should just not work at all, they fact the changing part works mean its not a hardware problem right? i actually went to a third party repair shop with the same result.

oh, i just noticed the above pic is the exactly same as my replacement part(all the model number matches)

but my OG part is slightly different compare to the above pic, highlighted the red circle from picture of my OG part

Block Image

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Can you link where you got the replacement part from?


I cant find it on ebay again, but its the same as the one posted by Alisha below


I've had a similar issue on my Galaxy s20 5g...

No network when i replaced the charger port/board.

I'll strip it down again to see what the odel is.. annoying to say the least



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I assume when you say you replaced the charge port, you replaced the whole daughter board with the charge port on it? If so, there are 2 variants of this board. One is the international variant and one is the North American variant and although they look very similar, they have some differences, one of which is related to cellular function.

On the board, there should be a model number/board number. Check to see if the two you have match. The North American version is a G986U, the international version is a G986B. The numbers are not in quite the same location on each board, but here's a picture of the North American version so you know where to look.

Block Image

I also tend to recommend avoiding any kind of parts swapping around if the phone is powered. I can understand why you might in this circumstance, especially if it results in a working device, but it is not unheard of to cause electrical damage to the board(s) when connecting or disconnecting parts when the device is on, or even if the battery is connected.

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i dont know how to add picture as comment so i posted it as answer to the thread. i have attached the OG part of the USB-C port dock. my replacement is identical to the picture you posted


@Sion12 No ability to add pics to comments, you would have to edit in an update to your original question.

But, if both parts are the G9860U (as opposed to B), and it sounds like they are, if only that one component is different, that could be the issue, depending? It IS odd that that spot is populated on your original board. Any of the pictures I have found of replacement components just have blank pads there. I can't tell from the picture, but does that component have any writing on it? The one that is circled in red and is present on the original board, but not the replacement? You mentioned the phone is the Taiwanese model, do you have the model number of the phone itself?? It should be on the back glass in tiny little print or in the settings of the phone.

Also, I assume the repair shop you took it to installed their own part, rather than the one you purchased?


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