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HP Compaq Business laptop released in 2004. This model shares many resemblances to previously released Compaq models. All laptops use a Pentium M processor (32-bit only) but speed varies based on your specific configuration.

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System looses power after 10 seconds

I've had this thing forever and out of nowhere it would turn off after turning on for 10 seconds. It was booting into windows XP perfectly fine and then the issue would return. Online is no help just saying to apply pressure on a part near the power button for the duration you want to use it, I'm looking for a long lasting solution. Others have the same issue so it seems to be a design flaw. It may help that the pcb for the power buttons is separate from the main mobo.

The power button pcb on it's own

Block Image

Main mobo without the button pcb

Block Image

The pcb connected

Block Image

Update (06/02/2022)

@uchetil I can solder, the thing is I'm not sure what exact chip I need to re-solder. I remember this video shows where to apply pressure when powering on. Also I remember once getting it to stay on longer than 10 seconds only turning off when I manually shut it off so I could figure out which one I held down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILLvioWt...

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How are your soldiering skills? If that temporary fix you saw works for you then it looks like the problem is the solder joint's on a chip, are you equipped and comfortable with trying it yourself? (Re soldering a chip). I'm intrigued by your problem and still looking into it. Have you by any chance tried reseating the video connector? One post I saw mentioned this cured similar symptoms. I'll post an answer after I finish researching this. If someone else doesn't give you a solution first. You might try the apple solution and put rubber on the chip so the case presses the chip down but I'm with you, Id rather fix the actual problem.


Sandi Lorenz here is the schematic for your computer.HP Compaq NC6000 Check page 8 which shows the power on circuitry and it appears as if U4000 could be the offending IC


Thanks, mike!


@uchetil anytime Sir. Glad to be of assistance.


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I can tell you which chip is "reputedly" the culprit, it was mentioned in several places. I just checked four sites agree it is the MAXIM 1987. And yes it can be done with a magnifying glass Steady hands and possibly a bit of practice if needed. Good Luck!

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