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How do I attach my Worn Wear patch

I received a worn wear patch in the mail, assumed it was iron on. After trying to iron it on I don’t think that is the case?? Should I sew it instead?

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Thanks Juan! Turns out it is iron on. Just needs loads of pressure and two minutes each side. I might ask my boyfriend to help me sew it on more permanently… Not so sure yet


Sewing holds the edges down. Better, I"ve sewn lots of patches on uniform's the iron-on ones peel up over time. .


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Yes. Buuut... given that you needed to ask that you might want to get your mom, sister or girlfriend to do it for you, perhaps you could bribe them?. Seriously though, yes and you can do it yourself. Take the patch with you when you go looking for a needle and thread so you can match the color and hide your stitches. Straight pins will be useful to hold it in place while you sew it on. Happy learning! Note: You can get stuff that irons on, ask at the fabric store but sewing works better, or using both.

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