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The Gateway FX6840 is a desktop PC that features an Intel Core i7 processor.

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cmos battery location gateway FX6803?

this question is only for the FX6803, could not find the link for it...

I have the PC open and there is nothing that may look like a CR2032 or any other cylindrical battery. It is dead and I can't even boot, need to replace it, if known where it is :-( THANK YOU - lorenzo.main@comcast.net

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What motherboard is in that build?

That usually helps in identifying the components


i don't know, have no idea where to find it.

The battery is not visible but should be on the MB, usually nr the RAM.


found this online at


Item Code:





FX6803-25 TBGM-01

but mine seems to have more slots for the DDRAM and a huge component sitting where the CH of ashendtech logo are. That component is for two monitors out... doubt that the CMOS batt is under it...

Thank you for your help!


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It's completely hidden under the video card. Remove video card, then replace.

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the battery WAS indeed under the big PCI card/box, monitors adapter. Only chinese engineers can have so much brain to put a CMOS battery under huge components that require removing 9 screws and umplug the component, still stuck there by other wires. Such battery should have been in the MOST accessible and VISIBLE place, but try to think chinese! The problems now are: 1. hope that I did not mess up removing e reseeding the adapter; 2. find a PS2 keyboard because with no BIOS the current wireless doesn't work... :-)


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