Is the speakerphone mic in the SE 2022 identical to the SE 2020?

I've had my se 2020 phone replaced once already due to poor speakerphone mic quality. Or at least, if its not that - callers always mention that unless i'm an inch from the mic when on a speakerphone call with them, they can't hear me unless I speak very loudly. If I'm on a non-speakerphone call, no problem. Same issue from different known good locations, same on wifi or cell. If I handoff a call from iphone to my ipad, and use its speakerphone - also sounds better to the caller! Have latest IOS. Problem existed in both old and new phone before restoring anything from backup.
Why did I keep the SE? Just like touch id way better. Otherwise would have gone to 13 mini. So I'm reallllly wondering if 2022 SE is an improvement (or at least known to be different.) Apple support senior advisor had no info. If so, will consider upgrading. Thoughts? Thanks!! : )

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Here's a non-answer answer: Looks like this is some kind of secret (or at least I couldn't poke anyone high enough up at Apple to tell me) - but I can tell you that I just decided to test an SE 2022 and the speakerphone mic is vastly improved, based on the input of people I have called using the speakerphone so far. Again, per my earlier inquiry - the problem is not only on my soon-to-be-replaced SE 2020, as I've replaced it once, with same problem, same IOS version, same software on both, either factory reset or not. I have the same carrier, and am typically always in same physical locations. (Still doesn't tell us if the mic is actually different, or Apple fixed something in hardware or software on SE 2020 and didn't tell us, or what).

fyi! : )


@peacefulrocks Just a note from me (I'm in Norway btw); I have a lot of different iPhones (daily driver is 12 Pro Max), and I happen have an iPhone SE 2020.

Have tested it rigorously with calls on speaker, off speaker, headset, etc. with no discernible difference either to me or the person on the other end...


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