Screen flickerring after pluging the w11 iso usb

Hi., i got this problem while ago, when i use a file check command ,its like a full check n repair

At first, i think gping to be quick but after its got too long, i frce shutdown the laptop and walla,

a pxe screen.thats just the forst time, ik it del the bootsec file or something but the secong time it boot into the window. Thats the last time i see it boot into windows.

So i came to see my brother's friend. I trusted h bc hes got 2 rgb pc and 2nrml pc aslo a laptop for the mc server. Aslo he worked and attemped to teardown and cleaning the laptop at a electronic store, i just dont khow how to call-oh, its a electronis repair service shop. While i took my laptop to him a 4gb ram was corrupted or so idk he said that. Idk why he try to install w11 alth ik it wont work but aslo worth (not) a try. While he put the iso usb into the port, the screen start flickering and we can still do (see it), like we use the external display for that. Well it work but it wont boot into. So we aslo use the internal display for the win10. He got a ftpserver with fast internet so its realy fast to transfer it . And you khow it already whats after all (its worked)#

Well has attemped to dussassemble it and i almost broke it bc the "blind screw"although it didnt affect the oard or just the port i think.

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