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The Acer Chromebook 14 model identified by its model number CB3-431-C3WS. This Chromebook was released in 2016. This Chromebook runs Chrome OS; Intel, Celeron Processing systems.

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How to replace Hard drive?

I have a broken Chromebook and I'm trying to replace the HDD. I don't really know what to do or where to look. Please help if you can.

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Hi @colinfix

What is the problem with the laptop?

According to most of the specifications for the laptop found online (example only), there is no removable type of HDD in the laptop e.g. sata SSD or M.2 SSD.

It has eMMC storage which is usually hard mounted on the motherboard and is considered non removable.

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There is no hard drive in this Chromebook. It has 32GB of eMMC storage and it is soldered on the mainboard. It is not repairable. You may be able to buy a replacement mainboard for it.

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