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Repair guides and support for all-in-one washer and dryer assemblies as well as stacked units.

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No drain filter? Absolutely NO clean out! SERIOUSLY Electrolux?

eflw317tiw2 Electrolux stackable unit. Washer.. I’ve searched and searched for months on and off but now.. it’s A SERIOUS PROBLEM. From everything I can get my hands on this model has absolutely no clean out/drain pump filter. I shake everything vigorously even lint brush before going in wash, every last thing is shaken til I’m exhausted putting a load in.. my washer has fur and hair and lint and who knows what that should have been able to go in the drain pump filter and be cleaned out circulating through EVERY LOAD. I’ve run clean machine more times than I can count with bleach, with washing machine cleaner with other random chemicals I’ve read might work. Only thing this did was loosen up more trapped in the GRIME that was holding it in place on the exterior of the tub. So without removing the deal I used the higher concentrate bleach and got EVERY LAST MILLIMETER of the vile door boot. I wedged my fingers in and sprayed bleach on the stainless tub as far as I could and also on the white plastic piece that is visible when you really pull back the ring without removing it. You get like about 1/2-3/4 separation for visibility behind/under* the rubber seal.

So please.. I’m actually quite MacGyver but this washer is a bottom of the food chain model. Help me!? I’m begging! Where do I go from here knowing physically I’m not strong enough to lift the dryer and dismantle this whole deal and give it a hard core scrubbing.

Perhaps there is a drain filter Electrolux does not want us to know about?

What about this slime sludge.. will it ever go away with like 20 clean machine cycles?

I Need to wash clothes but I don’t want to forever have to take sheets and towels to the laundromat cuz washer can’t handle any type of lint hair fur.

Currently the stupid thing LEAVES MORE ON MY CLOTHES THEN THEY WENT IN WITH. that’s just not ok. And not how washing machines are supposed to work. Especially washers that are used by ONE PERSON that does not use a lot of laundry in two years.

I’m disgusted, frustrated and at a loss…


Btw.. i found ifixit during a moment situational blindness. Probably about 18 months ago. An amazing human basically solved what to me at the moment was catastrophic due to anxiety I didn’t realize what I’d done. I still remember that night and feeling like he was an actual Angel here on earth or had some magic appliance super powers. Crazy anxiety.. but still super thankful and grateful. Current proble,pm has been researched so many times and escalated over probably 9-12 months. Thanks for reading my ramblings., have a great day. :)

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I don't think this will address your problem but there IS a sump filter in this washer here is a video on replacement; not an easy job. Still looking but so far no joy.


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Okay, this is what I found! You can ADD a lint filter, Yay!. Go here to learn how. Added: I suspect a Macguyver like you can probably DIY it with just the idea out there, have fun! More informative link.

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