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Apple's 6th revision to the iPod Touch lineup, released in July 2015.

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Showing low battery symbol after replacement

I just replaced the battery and soldered it back on, when I boot it up it bootloops for a bit and then shows the low battery screen, does anyone know what to do?

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I remember when I did my first soldering repair ,it was on the same generation of iPod you have and I had this issue too!

Here’s how I fixed it

Check the 3 battery soldering pads on both the battery it self and the iPods logic board

Look for any deformity’s on it ,my issue was a couple things

1)in my case the Battery’s contacts (on the battery it self) was loose

2) make sure the battery’s cable is as flat to the board as possible

3)make sure you don’t have a cold joint(badly connected) so use plenty of flux

If you need further help with it give me a shout as I know the iPod touch 6 very very well


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Thanks so much! I screwed around with it a bit and got it working - I turned it on and it worked for about 10 minutes until the screen started bleeding. I opened it up and there was a bump on the LCD cable, I have no idea how it got damaged, but I guess I'm buying another. Thanks for the help though!


Also just read your bio, I listen to music on an iPod Classic too!


@Parker Doggett

Glad you got your iPod working!!!!

iPods never get old!,I use mine a lot:-)

if there's anything I can help with please don't hesitate to ask:-)


Hi @hellomacos,

have kind of the same problem here... I changed the battery in an IPod Touch 6 Gen. In the first couple of minutes it worked, I closed the electronic shield (the metal plate) but after that it was going into a boot loop. Then I realized I forgot to cover the battery pads with tape before reassembling. In your opinion, is it possible that this caused a short circuit and a damage to the logic board? I even tried to solder a new battery, but it did'nt helped. Or do you think it is also possible I put to much heat during soldering to the logic board and caused a damage? Nothing helps, I can't stop the boot loop, not even with DFU mode.





It could be the case unfortunately;-{

Does it appear in iTunes?



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First, check your soldering job to make sure you didn't bridge any pads. If that's not the problem, the battery you bought may be bad.

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Also, did you plug it in?


I plugged it in, I'm super new to soldering, so I don't know exactly what that means


@Parker Doggett So the silver pieces that you solder into place are the pads I am talking about. if any of them are touching, then you have a problem.


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