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Die Oculus Quest 2 ist der Nachfolger der Oculus Quest die am 21. Mai 2019 auf den Markt kam. Die Quest 2 ist ein überarbeitetes Model mit einem besseren Prozessor und neu gestalteten Touch Controllern.

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I got rubbing alcohol in my quest 2 controller

My stupid friend on rec room told me to pour rubbing alcohol on my controller to fix stick drift so I tried and it did nothing. It only made the controller have very bad issues with tracking. There is really nothing I could do and I really don't want to buy a new controller all together. If anyone could tell me how to fix this it would be much appreciated.

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Rubbing alcohol is great to loosen contaminants and clean away flux/corrosion residue if it is done correctly and using a cotton or a foam swab.

However, if you have any dirt or debris on the device, alcohol will just loosen them and carry them along potentially causing other issues if it is not cleaned properly.

The stick drift is actually caused by the worn part of a potentiometers, nothing that rubbing alcohol would sort out.

If you are in a position of disassemble the device and get it cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner would be my first recommendation as the alcohol and the contamination probably seeped in to the intricate parts of the device.

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