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Guides and repair information for televisions from Hitachi, a Japanese electronics manufacturer.

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Can I use a t-con device with a slightly different model number?

I have a HITACHI 58HK6100U A 2012 and I'm pretty sure the t-con is fried.

I have looked everywhere for the exact model but the best one I can come across is one for the HITACHI 58HK6100U A 2010.

It shares the same part number "CCPD-TC575-009 V1.0"


Thanks in advance.

Update (06/29/2022)

Block Image

First off sorry for the slow replies, right in the middle of a house move,

the video attached is the only thing show upon switching on the device the other is a picture of the t-con board.

hope this helps.

many thanks

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Hello mate did you try it in the end did it work because I have the same problem


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Jammy if it carries the same part number it might just work. The issues with some of the boards is that version numbers at times matter. There may be enough of a change for it to not work. I would at least give it a try. If you can let us know the exact number from your original board and include the Ver. number. Also, what symptoms is your TV displaying.

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Apologies for the slow reply, I have updated the information with the things you asked for, thanks


Jammy could be a T-con error.....if it is not consider replacing the main board :-) YOur T-con in a 1.0 version so let me see if I can find out the difference between v 1.0 and others. Go for it and see if you can work out a return if this one should not work.


Hello mate did you try it in the end with a different T con board could I have the same problem and would like to know if it worked

Thanks take care


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