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The Golf Mk5 was introduced in Europe in the autumn of 2003, reaching the UK market in early 2004. In North America, Volkswagen brought back the Rabbit nameplate when it introduced the vehicle in 2006.

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Low side service port

How do you find or determine which one is the low side service port to recharge my AC for 2005 golf tdi (diesel)

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I'm having trouble finding pics or diagrams specific to this vehicle. So I'll just tell you how to differentiate between the high and low side ports. High side ports are typically a bit larger than low side. The low side will have a cap that is black or blue. Absent that, there's an accumulator (a silver cylinder) that is attached to the suction side. Typically the larger diameter pipe comes out of the firewall (from the evap coil), goes into an accumulator, and then from there to the compressor. This is the suction side (low side). The high side comes from the compressor, into the condenser, then from the condenser it goes into the firewall to feed the evap coil. In this part of the line is also where your orifice tube will be. This line will be smaller than the suction lines.

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