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Reparatur- und Zerlegeanleitungen für das All-in-one Slim Folio Gehäuse und Tastatur. Passend zum iPad (5. bis 9. Generation und zum iPad Air (3. Generation).

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Key detached from Slim Folio keyboard: looking for part


Instead of providing a way to repair my up arrow key, LogiTech Customer Service is essentially telling me to throw away (recycle) my Slim Folio and buy something new!

The inner clipping mechanism, which keeps the key fastened to the keyboard, broke. I've dismantled and re-assembled these types of keyboard parts before.

Does anyone know where I can purchase this inner clipping mechanism – or other suggests for reattaching my up arrow key?

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Iv had a look and I can’t find anywhere that has the individual parts but they have faulty (full units)on eBay that you could use as donors to get all your parts

Hopefully this helps


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