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Geschirrspüler Integrierbar - Edelstahl, 45 cm Breite Dishwascher

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does not heat water

washes with cold water only.it does not heat water

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Please confirm the model number of the dishwasher.

It seems as though the heater may be the problem and if your dishwasher model is not a Bosch SRI45T45EU-18 anyone answering your question may link the incorrect part suitable for your model.



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Open it. Look for the heater and measure its resistance. For a 230V Type ist should be near 24 Ohm, for a 120V Type around 10 Ohm. And: there is a pressure switch that ensures that the heater only works when there is enough pressure.

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Hi - I was able to repair the Bosch dishwasher with this exact problem. It is an issue of the relay as described in this video:


You need to get an NTE R46-5D12-6 relay and replace it. Less than $5 part.

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