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Repair guides for the circular saws made by Craftsman.

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I can’t get the blade of my evolution circular saw

How to replace the blade on my 2 year old evolution saw

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What is the model number of the saw?


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I found the following instruction in a manual on line. Here is the link for the manual as well.


Maybe this will help:



WARNING: Use only genuine Evolution blades (or those approved by Evolution Power Tools), which are designed for use in these machines.

Ensure that the maximum speed of the blade is compatible with the machine. Only perform this operation with the machine disconnected from the power supply.

Note: It is recommended that the operator considers wearing protective gloves when handling the blade during installation or when changing the machines blade.

• Locate the supplied Blade Change Hex Key which is housed in the onboard storage facility (similarly position on all machines). (Fig. 1)

• Place saw on a level, secure surface.

Note: All machines can, with care, be balanced on the flat end of the motor housing casing, (Fig. 2) making access to the blade and blade fixings very convenient.

• Locate the machines arbor lock button (which is similarly positioned on all machines). Lock the machines arbor by operating the arbor lock button. (Fig. 3).

Note: Slowly rotating the blade by hand, whilst gently pressing the arbor lock button will aid arbor lock engagement.

• Using the Hex Key, loosen and remove the arbor socket headed screw, associated fixings, and outer blade drive flange. (Fig. 4)

Note: The socket headed arbor screw is equipped with a standard screw thread. Turn the screw clockwise to tighten. Turn the screw counter clockwise to loosen.

• Safely store the outer blade flange and associated fixings.

• Rotate the lower blade guard up into the upper blade guard using the manual thumb lever. (Fig. 5)

• Carefully remove the blade (if fitted) from the machine.

• Thoroughly clean inner and outer blade drive flanges.

Note: The inner blade flange can be left in place if desired, but it should be checked and thoroughly cleaned. If it is removed from the machine it must be replaced back in the same orientation as it was before removal.

• Thoroughly clean the blade around the bore area (both surfaces) where the blade flanges will touch and clamp the blade.

• Install the (new) blade.

• Ensure that the direction of rotation arrows printed on the blade, match the direction of rotation arrows found on the machines upper and lower blade guards. (Fig. 6)

• Reinstall the outer drive flange, the socket headed arbor screw, and its associated fixings.

Note: The outer drive flange has a specially machined bore which incorporates two opposed ‘flats.’ (Fig. 7a) These ‘flats’ engage with two complimentary ‘flats’ machined into the machines arbor shaft.

• Re-engage the arbor lock and tighten the arbor socket headed screw securely using the Hex Key.

• Release the arbor lock button

• Return the Hex Key to its dedicated storage position.

• Check that the arbor lock has fully released by manually rotating the blade.

• Check the operation of the lower blade guard.

Note: For North American market only, a dual side arbor flange is included, to allow 1” bore blades (Fig. 7b) and 5/8” bore blades (Fig. 7c).

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