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Launched in October 2014, identified by model number CHDHA-301.

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Replacement battery’s and back door replacement


Does anyone know where I can get a replacement battery and (waterproof)back door for the gopro hero

I also live in the uk so I need parts that can be sent to uk and cost £

It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me with this


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Hi @hellomacos

Search online for PR-062334 battery to find suppliers that suit you best. (see part number on original battery at 57 seconds and 1:40 minutes on replacement battery into this video)

Couldn't find a waterproof backdoor for the Hero 1 only this which is probably not what you want.

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Thanks soo much

Il have a good look at the links:-)


Hi @jayeff

I have had a look for a backdoor and I can’t find one for this model

Do you know if the back doors from other models are compatible



Hi @hellomacos

Not sure.

When looking for the part I noticed other parts were for Hero 1 & 2 but couldn't find one for a Hero 2 either ;-(



Thanks for trying

Il contact gopro directly and ask them:-)

Il also accept your answer

Thanks again:-)


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