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The Samsung RF263BEAE is a 26 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator with dimensions of 35 3/4" W x 70" H x 33 1/4" D, featuring Twin Cooling Plus technology, multiple compartments, an in-door ice maker, and digital controls for easy temperature adjustments.

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My Samsung RF260BEAESR fridge keeps shut off and not cooling.

First there's ice building up in the fridge, with loud noise. After remove the ice, I found water leaking from under the pantry box. I followed the youtube instruction to remove the cover inside the firdge wall, and unpluged overnight to light the ice melt.

After that putting everything back and plug in, the fridge still leaking water and it power off from time to time. but it will turn back on itself. The temperature display for fridge is 64F, and for freezer it's 2F, but all my food in the freezer is defrost. The fridge is quiet now for most of time.

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Powering off or turning off?

Turning off means that most probably the compressor has been stopped because the refrigerator has gone into the auto defrost cycle. This happens once every 8-10 hours so that the accumulated ice build up on the evaporator unit can be melted and drained away. The defrost cycle lasts about 20 minutes and then the compressor should be restarted again to drive the temps back down to their set temps.

Powering off means that there is no power on the refrigerator i.e. no lights etc.

The freezer temp is OK (normally it should be 0°F so close enough allowing for thermometer error) but not the refrigerator (normally 36°-39°F) so the food should be frozen in the freezer. Did you check the temps with a thermometer or what the display is showing?

Here's the service manual for the refrigerator.

Go to p.49 to view how to run the diagnostic checks and see if there are any error codes. The code meanings are on p.50-51.

Hopefully a start.

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Actually it's only the display that seems okay, the real temperature for both freezer and fridge is not working. Ice cream melts, and chocolate milk got bad.


@Andrew Fan

Run the diagnostics and check what it shows.


Also it is power off according to your definition, when it happens, no light, no display, no fan sound.


@jayeff I will do it as soon as I got back. Right now I'm Shopping for a freezer to save my food


@Andrew Fan

No power is the problem then.

First you would need to check if the wall outlet is OK (loose plug?) and the power cord to the refrigerator is OK.

If they're OK there is a noise filter (part # DA27-00019H) that the power goes through, then it is the power board and then control board itself.

The service manual I linked has the schematic on p.88. Power comes in top right - AC input. The power then goes through a power board to supply low volts power to the control board so maybe its faulty. You would need to check from p.85 onwards for the low voltages i.e. 5V & 13V to know what's happening.

Be safety aware as there is 120V AC in proximity.


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