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Released in early 2017, the Dell Inspiron 15 5578 2-in-1 is a convertible laptop with a 15-inch touchscreen. It uses an Intel processor and Intel integrated graphics.

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Need to add M.2 port

I have Dell 5578 laptop and just getting slow so want to add speed for which I did see space for m.2 connector can be soldered on motherboard.

So please help for you valuable suggestion if we can do it and will it be helpfull and workable.


Amit B

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If there Isn’t a connector there it’s probably won’t work as it may need extra components on the motherboard in order for it to work

Theres a chance it would work though but I would try it at your own risk

However if it’s a SSD you are after you should able to use a SATA one if you have a port for it

Hopefully this helps


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