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The WR-120 EZ is a NOAA Weather Radio manufactured by Midland.

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midland wr120... noaa signal keeps flashing

did all my checking with noaa and all the transmitters in my area are in all working order.... this is the 2nd weather radio of the same type that has failed in the same way... midland did warantee the first one ... now the 2nd one the same way???? i did tear into both of them and foud the { white crusty's} a.k.a corrosion!!! talked to midland tech. and they had no answers... id like to fix if i can but if no fix is possible then in the trash it go's and NO MORE BUYING MIDLAND!!!!

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The way these things are designed is the slightest bit of static will make that NOAA logo flash but as long as its getting reception is shouldn't have a problem activating for severe weather alerts I have this same radio and the NOAA logo flashes on it with clear reception but it doesn't have any issue with going off for any alert that is issued from the National Weather Service and if there is corrosion in the thing there is a chance that you could've left old batteries in it and the corroded.

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