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Reparaturanleitungen und Informationen zum Google Pixel 4a 5G. Erschienen am 29. Oktober 2020. Modellnummer: G025E

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Dust inside camera housing


I have gotten dust inside the camera housing (see picture), over the normal lens. It affects photos taken with colors not being as good as they should, and graining, especially in sunny conditions. I was thinking about following the IFIXIT back cover replacement guide (Google Pixel 4a 5G Rückseite tauschen) to get access to the cameras and replace the dust sealant from the inside thinking that the dust has come in between the frame and back cover. But i also read somewhere that the camera housing is a separate piece and that the dust may have come in from the gap between the back cover and camera house on the backside. And that it might be possible to just slightly lift the edge of the camera housing and blow out the dust. My question is if the back cover replacement guide is the bets bet to try and fix it or if there is a easier way.

Block Image

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I can't answer your question but in the slightly blurry photo it looks like tiny droplets rather than dust. Did the phone get wet at all? Maybe it just needs drying out?


@okanagan I agree, looks more like moisture than dust. Could have more than pictures to worry about.


I can see how it might look like moisture on the picture but in real life there is no doubt that it is dust and not moisture.


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There are foam cushions inside the camera slot on the back cover to prevent dust ingression.


Check if that cushion is broken or the camera placement or the case alignment caused the cushion to not sit right, allowing dust to enter.

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Thanks for the advice! So you think its more likely the dust got in because the cushion is broken and not that it got in from the camera bump not being tight enough?


@siimpi If the part fit and geometry is right, there is no reason for the dust to enter other than broken cushion.

However I can't tell if the geometry is right from that one blurry picture.


Do you know if its possible to get my hands on new cushions (looked around a bit but all i could find were new camera modules) or is my best bet to realign if its crocked or try and fix it if its broken?


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