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The reason why the battery is not charging

I repeat my question a little more clearly, what I want to know and the reason for it, I would appreciate an answer for it.

I have a 4-IN, regular connector USB and, 1-OUT Mini USB connector for use in my APPLE Minibook and use on it.

If it possible to charge the computer's battery. also and I want to know if the position of the + and - voltage connections, if they are in both compatible between the output and input of one and the other. The reason is that the original adapter does not give me a charge for the battery and I want to solve this question. to make a decision.

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Lithium-Ion batteries require a proper charger, you can't use the USB-A or mini-USB connections for a power source, first they don't offer the needed power to charge your battery and don't have the needed control logic your USB-C charger does.

So simply put you can't do what I think you are trying to do.

Truly, the best answer is to find a friend who has a charger (any USB-C charger) and get the meter I pointed you to so you can first figure out what has failed.


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Your system uses USB-C for the power input. If you can borrow someones USB-C charger (any) you should be able to charge your systems battery. That is assuming the larger is the issue!

Personally I find having a USB-C power meter is the more useful way to diagnose issues like you have here. Plugging it into your systems USB-C port and then plugging in the power adapter and cable you should see voltage present and the current will tell you if the system is able to accept the power offered. ICQUANZX USB-C Power Meter

Think it like water, does the tap have water to it and if the tap is open or closed.

This will allow you to tell which side of the circuit the issue is located externally or internally! Let us know what you discover!

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