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Apples Mainstream-iPhone 2021 wurde am 24. September vorgestellt und kommt mit einem 6,1-Zoll-OLED-Display, einem dualen 12-MP-Kamerasystem und in fünf verfügbaren Farben. Nachfolger des iPhone 12.

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Changing the single sim card reader to dual sim card for iPhone 13

My iphone 13 is a single physical sim card reader and an e-sim version, is it possible to change the single sim card reader to a dual sim card reader, the one that is installed in the hong kong variant the dual physical sim? is there a software lock to this? will it be detected by the phone and automatically converted to a physical dual sim variant without tinkering some things in the hardware or software?

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My iphone 13 is a single physical sim card reader and an e-sim version, is it possible to change the single sim card reader to a dual sim card reader, how ????


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Should be easier than 11 pro which required a lot of soldering. Just replace the sim tray and reader.

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I'm worried if there is already a software lock if we replace the sim card reader on the ip13


@Yan Mar Trading There was never a software lock, on iPhone 11 there was boardID resistors and eSIM power you need to modify, the eSIM seem to be included in the removable reader from 12 and above.


@tomchai so it is just a remove and replace process. thanks for the answers


@Yan Mar Trading according to the repair video, yes, but I'm not 100% sure, you can try, worst case you put the original one back.


@tomchai i have search youtube but the only video I found was with the ip12, the Hugh Jeffreys video

your right, if things don't work out I can just put the original one back on, I was just hoping somebody did it already and share his experience


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Yes you can do this. I have an iPhone 13. US model, I switch sim readers, both sims work fine, there’s a small glitch when connecting calls but it’s nothing to worry about.

Please be aware though, using 2 SIM cards from the same provider, sometimes it will only pick up on one sim, not the other, so best use 2 different service providers, 5g works fine aswell. You can run 2 WhatsApp’s no problem and can alternate calls.

Another bonus is that you can have automatically tex or call from any sim if you separate your call lists into 2 sections using the list feature in the phone book,

God bless you all.


Apple service engineer

UK based.

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Done thanks to @tomchai video posted I have replaced the SIM card reader with the dual sim version bought in China.

Software swapped from eSIM to dual SIM automatically

I am using now the phone with 2 Sim, one European and one Vietnamese since last July 2022 without any problem.

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