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Repair guides and support for the first generation Town Car, a full-size luxury sedan manufactured by Lincoln.

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Replace driver side window moter and fix all the other windows that wo

If I fix the driver side window motor and window regulator will I be able to roll all my windows up and down that are also either stuck down or stuck up. My driver side has buttons for all the windows so I'm thinking I can just fix that one. What do u think

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Hi Erin,

I don't believe your solution will help.

Generally the motors and/or regulators tend to go out one at a time; since each door has its own, one of them going out doesn't affect the operation of the others, so if they're all out it's unlikely all of the motors or all of the regulators went out at once. And since they don't have any effect on each other, replacing the drivers door parts won't fix the rest of them - if that was the problem, which it doesn't sound like it is.

All of the windows going out at once is indicative of an electrical problem, probably centered in the driver's door where, as you stated, all of the window switches come together.

What I would do in this case is to remove the door switch assembly (which may involve taking the door panel off) and check it and the wires coming from and going to it. A wiring diagram would be very helpful in figuring out what might be wrong with all of them; it sounds like it might be a power or ground wire that feeds the switch panel and splits up to supply power to all the windows.

If you're familiar with wiring you could pull the door panel from one of the doors and check the power plug on the window motor to see if it's getting any power when you turn on the switch. You can also test the motor by connecting 12 volts to the motor connectors and verify whether or not the motor goes up and down when you do.

Let us know if you have more questions.

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