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Reparaturanleitungen für die 3. Generation des 11" iPad Pro (Modellnummern A2377, A2459, A2301 und A2460).

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Diagonal Jitter when using Apple Pencil after screen replacement


I have here an iPad Pro 11 3rd Generation which had a bad LCD.

We have swapped the screen and we are experiencing an issue with the Apple Pencil 2nd generation and compatible stylus.

Whenever you draw a diagonal line, you are unable to get it straight. It just makes wavy (jittery) lines. Please see image.

Block Image

We have tried 2 new screen, 2 new pencils and a fresh install of iOS, but the problem is still there.

Any idea’s what is causing the issue?

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This is usually caused by a screen that hasn’t been designed with Apple Pencil use in mind

If you look for a supply that mentions it in the listing or ask about

Most reputable suppliers have this sort of issue in mind

Appart from that all you can really do is check the pencil isn’t the issue

I would see if the issue continues on a iPad the a original screen unless it worked before hand

Hopefully this answers your question

If you have any more questions please ask


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I have tried with a system pull original screen from another iPad and this still doesn't work. It looks like for an Apple pencil or compatible model require the original screen to be fitted. That sucks, looks like a new iPad it is to fix this one!



No problem

Please let me know if there’s anything else :-)


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I have a same problem with ipad air 5th.

I did replace lcd yesterday and got exactly same problem.

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There’s a chip on the original screen that needs to be transferred in order for the Apple Pencil to work correctly.


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It looks like this is an apple designed "feature". It's not a hardware problem it's a software design. When you replace the original screen, it has an apple pencil chip which is serial number matched with the original iPad.

Unless the repair shop doesn't remove this chip and put it into the replacement screen, everything will work except the apple pencil (which produces jittery lines with diagonal strokes).

The only way to get a perfectly working screen is to get it repaired from apple (which now won't work because they refuse to touch any 3rd party repaired device)

I got to know about this system when I got my iPad air 5 repaired with a screen from a donor iPad air. Apple is really really hell bent on not letting users get their apple stuff repaired for cheap.

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