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Dies ist eine ältere Gerätelinie von Saeco. Alle sind mit Sup 018 bezeichnet. (Plakette am Boden). Sie wurden später unter dem Namen Spidem Trevi verkauft.

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Saeco Vienna grinds beans but doesn't stop grinding or proceed to brew

First my Saeco is NOT a Sup 018, just a Vienna probably because it is 20+ yrs old. I have determined the grounds are not being dumped from the collector into the brew group because the solenoid is not being activated. However I do not know whether the solenoid is bad or whatever determines there are enough grounds has failed.

What triggers the 'dump-the-shot' action?? is my basic question.

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There is a microswitch that sends a signal to the circuit board which starts the doser solenoid and the brewing cycle. Could just require dismantling and cleaning or new switch. Worst case new circuit board. Unlikely it is the solenoid Most likely needs cleaning.

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Google for "Saeco Vienna Testmode". This will help determining the issue, e.g. this video. I see two possibilities: the microswitch of the grind chamber, as mentioned above, hopefully a cleaning ist sufficient, maybe a replacement of the switch. You will find the chamber following the outlet of the ginder.

Or worse: a faulty PCB, in this case a replacement is an option. Much cheaper is the replacement of some parts on the PCB, there are repairkits. Good luck!

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