2011 jeep grand Cherokee overland...my AC keeps shutting on and off

I have a 2011 jeep grand Cherokee overland I have replaced the blower motor the blow motor resistor the ambient temperature sensor and my AC still keeps shutting on and off. Stays running for about one minute shuts off for about five seconds and then comes back on

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Your descriptions tends to point to loss of refrigerant, a leak that inevitably occurs in approximately 98% of vehicle ac problems. A pressure sensor detects either lower or higher than normal operating pressures and sends signals to the engine computer to disable compressor operation. When the compressor stops running, system pressures stabilize and the sensor detects good pressure then sends a signal to allow compressor operation hence cycling off the compressor. An inexpensive uv blacklight can be used to search for dye markers, greenish yellow as invisible refrigerant leaks out but oil and dye leave markers where a leak occurred. Examples of refrigerant oil and dye - remove service caps and look inside each service valve. Factory sealed ac systems can be be serviced by anyone with familiarity in diagnosing, troubleshooting, repairs, using a vacuum pump after repairs wth refrigeration gauges to monitor results before refilling with refrigerant. Ac repairs are unforgiving of mistakes.


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