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Reparatur- und Demontageinformationen für das im Oktober 2021 veröffentlichte Pixel 6 Pro-Smartphone von Google. Die Modellnummern sind GB7N6 und G9S9B16.

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Screens remain black after install (both broken and new)

I've gone through the install process "successfully" but the screen won't come on. Tested the cracked screen and that similarly won't turn.

I see no damage to the display connector or anything else. What should I check next?

The haptics kick in when pressing the power button or plugging in a power cable but the screen remains black with no sign of life.

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Question bc I'm having this same issue.

Was it a problem with the fix screen they sent u, and u sent that one back and they sent u another one that worked?

Having issues where the new ifixit screen is black after connecting it and it worked, then when I disconnected it to apply the adhesive and reconnect it and didnt work and it's black screen sigh so frustrating.


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Thanks both. Turned out I had the bad luck to get a broken screen from iFixIt and had my own user error when first testing the old screen. I must have not had the connection in right. On another attempt to test the old screen it worked.

I managed to get a replacement from iFixit within the week of contacting them!

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Hi Denis,

Glad to hear you got your Pixel working again! Happy to report no problems with my 6 Pro so far (knock on wood).

Could you go ahead and accept one of the answers (even your own) as having found the solution so those of us looking to help can see that you've found an answer?


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Usually when experiencing the same issue across multiple parts the cause is going to be board related. The only other possibility is that the new screen is defective and the original was damaged during removal. Check the display connector and surrounding area under a microscope if possible as even very minor damage can result in the display not to function.

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With the new screen connected press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds to perform a hard restart. If that doesn’t work try it with the charger connected as power could be low. This is probably one of the easiest screen replacements ever so can’t understand what’s happened. If no joy then try another new screen. By the way, if you get it working, don’t forget to program the new fingerprint sensor.

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