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Support für Gateway Desktop-Computer. Gateway ist jetzt Teil von Acer und alles Neue von Gateway wird von der Acer-Gruppe unterstützt.

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How do I remove the case off my gateway dx4831-07

i removed some screws on the back but i can't pull or slide the case off

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i got it open but now the stupid power supply unit fell inside and i cant get it out


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Looking at the back of the case. There are 2 screws along the left side of it. Just remove those 2 screws, and that side part of the case will slide towards the back.
The Power Supply appears to be held in by 4 screws, and has various tie down points within the case for the cables.
Ensure the machine is powered off, and disconnect the red/yellow/back cables leading from your power supply to the motherboard. These generally have notch style locks that you can easily undo by applying a bit of pressure, and pulling straight out.

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