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Drucker, Scanner Kopierer in einem Gerät. Eine Baureihe von HP.

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My scanning sled is in need of lubrication.

My scanner gets used often and the sled is starting to squeek. Where would I apply lubricant to fix this and what kind of lubricant?

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@steelrs1 careful with lubricants on this. The squeaking usually originates from the rod that the Ink Cartridge carrier rides on. It happens when the bushings of the Ink Cartridge run dry. I suggest to clean the rod with some isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab to clean any old ink or other residue of that rod. Let it sit for a bit (depending on what concentration isopropyl alcohol you use. The higher the concentration the less you have to wait.) After that, apply some sewing machine oil to the rod. Just a small amount should do. Cases like this, to much is bad :-) I apply oil like this on a make-up pad and then run that along the rod . This of course would only be a temporary solution since it will not fix the bushings. For that you would need a new Ink Cartridge carrier.

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Dry lube (example only) is also an option


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