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Phillips 58pus7555 58" faulty tcon diagnosis

The TV stopped displaying an image but still turned on, when I disconnect either left or right panel from the tcon the other half works.

If whilst the TV is on I reconnect the disconnected panel then the TV works perfectly fine until it is turned off and on again.

Does this sound like a faulty tcon or something else?

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Michael Hogeling. Either a bad T-Con board or a bad Main board is what I’d be looking for. Check the interconnect ribbon cables as well. Check for tears snd corrosion. Check both sides of your boards and see if you can find components that look like they got to hot etc. and check the solder points. They should all be a light shiny silver color. Anything dull etc. might require a resolder. Also check the solder-points on the cable connectors to ensure those are still properly soldered to the boards. .

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Thanks for your comment,

I have checked all other connections and solders, for breaks, dullness or burns and cannot find anything that looks like it failed.

If I block pins the timing pins on the ribbon cables for either left or right then it consistently turns on but has some vertical lines. I tried unblocking some pins but as soon as I do the issue comes back.

The only way I can get it to work is by my original method, everything else fails. Some times I am able to turn the socket at the wall on and off and it stays fixed but then once given the chance to fully power down it breaks again


Michael Hogeling I don’t like that you are getting vertical lines. There are certain voltages that are needed on the t-con board but of course that data is hard to get for all the different boards. If you can get a t-con board for a good price, give it a try.


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