Sound completely gone, nothing with sound plays

A few hours ago while browsing on my phone it freezes and reboots itself. It gets stuck in bootloop for a few minutes and turns back on and everything looks totally fine, until I open up YouTube and try to play a video. It will either just show the first frame of the video, or not show anything at all and keep buffering forever.

I thought it was a problem with the app itself until I try to open up/play anything with sound: videos made with the phone, random clips from other apps, music (it switches between 2 songs rapidly); it just doesn't play anything. I haven't tested what happens with calls yet. Only gif previews work, but anything with sound is a no-go.

I used the "Rescue and Smart Assistance Tool" linked from the phone itself and followed the steps to flash the phone from the PC using a USB, and after 1 failed attempt it was done. But I open up YouTube once again and... it's still not fixed. A precursor I had noticed a while before this happened was static-y or slightly bad sound quality during calls, and way before that just no sound coming from calls despite not being muted; regular video sound was otherwise flawless.

Is my phone just done? Everything was working fine a few hours ago :/

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