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How can I fix the low volume on iPod Shuffles?

I have 6 of these iPod Shuffles 2nd Generation and they have always worked well. But I got them out of storage today and the volume on all of them is too low to hear anything that's on them. I've tried different speakers but that doesn't make any difference. What has caused this? Is there any way to fix this problem or are they permanently useless now?

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It might be a bad battery causing the issue but it could be that you are using headphones or speakers that have too high a impedance (ohms)

Basically the more ohms something has the harder it will be to make it sound good and get loud

To check if it’s a impedance issue use the apple headphones that come in the box to see if the issue persists

If you charge the iPods up and see how long they last that should give us a indication of the battery’s health

If you do decide to open them look out if any damage,discolouration or corrosion as it can cause these sorts of issues

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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I've now tried a pair of small Sony computer speakers 8 Ohm/0.2W and that didn't work. The Apple headphones worked well and the volume was good. Also tried a small battery-powered plug in speaker and that works well although the volume isn't as high I would like. So I'm not sure what that means as I don't know much about this technology.



If it’s working some of the time but not all of the time have a look inside to see what’s going on better

They might just need new batteries or it could be something else


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