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Repair guides and support for leaf blowers—whether gas-powered, corded-electric, or battery operated.

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How to setup idle speeds

Rpm’s hi & Lo approximate values

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What is the make and model number of the blower?


Hey what’s up jay, make is craftsman the mod is 358.794701 ( Sim-pul )technology. Thnx


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Hi @cool1brezz

Don't know about the rpm values.

The only adjustment seems to be the idle adjustment, see p.14 of the user manual

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👋🏽 Hey J thnx much for the info much appreciated.ya know it’s kinda crazy some manufacturers give up the simple stuff no problem, but others take it like your requesting the next secret ops mission. I maintain all of my tools/toys myself & understand the as some would say the tone of the (sweet spot). I picked up from Amazon this little tach/hr.meter to be able to ball park & dial in dynamic adjustments you know. Hey the wife & grandkids let me free for a second so I better keep it moving/projects/honey do’s/ / / / . Thnx again & 👍🏽 for the manual. God bless. “DW13 “out…😎…


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