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Can we install windows on MacBook?

Can we install windows on Macbook? I never thought about it.

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There are a few ways but the best and cheapest is using BootCamp You can also use a Virtual Machine (VM's). Here's a good write up on them Best virtual machine software for Mac 2022 and lastly just straight up, but that is not wise as you'll loose access to security updates for your system and you'll loose quite a lot of the Mac's features.

The last shoe here is you do loose Malware protection! If you go straight up as well which is part of the Mac systems firmware.

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@danj Yes you are right, that i was thinking about apple features and security. How will you install specific driver for the macbook features. Thats bad idea to use windows in place of iOS in Macbook.


@laxmin - Just review BootCamp above as its a sudo VM so you have access to the macOS as well. A VM is still using macOS as well. Think it this way ... Windows is running in a second space concurrently with macOS. There is some resource issues as clearly you can't leverage all of the RAM or storage space with the two OS's and applications running. So you do want to make sure your boot drive is sizable! That way you've got the needed room!


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Does it do this on macOS or just windows?

it might be due to a dodgy driver on windows if that's the case as it might be worth reinstalling your drivers as quite common to see issues like this what the machine isn't natively supported on windows 10

Hopefully this helps

any questions please ask


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