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The Sony ICF-7600D is a compact, microprocessor-controlled, dual conversion portable receiver first produced in 1983. This model is the European version of the ICF-2002 model.

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How do I open the case?

My Sony Radio ICF 7600D has stopped working and I want to open it up to see what may be wrong with it. I have taken out 4 screws, but cannot get the case to open up fully. Anyone have any ideas?

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Thank you oldturkey03. Great advice and I have managed to get my radio working again.


That is perfect, great job:-) thanks for accepting my answer.


Thanks. I was stuck. Thanks. I was able to open and lock the "Rod" into place


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Try this."To open my ICF-7600D loosen (and remove) the two black screws on the L and R top and the two brass screws (one in each battery compartment). Then, because of a lip on the right lower side, open the backside turning it like a page from left to right.Furthermore, like with laptops a strong thumbnail is an indispensable asset for loosening latches." Once you have it open, you can get the schematic from here and a bit more of a service manual from here Hope this helps, good luck.

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+1 nice schematic


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