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General repair information on LG washing machines.

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Excess water from drain pump hose after each load

I have an LG WM3050. I have to drain the water from the drain pump hose after every load, and it drains at least 2 cups. If I don't drain it, water ends up on floor under machine on next load. I took the washer apart, checked all the hoses, and replaced the drain pump with a new one. Still happening. There is no water left in the tub when load is finished, and clothes aren't too wet, so I know the water is clearing the tub. Anyone know what could be causing this problem?

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Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I have exactly the same issue.


@lindyfairb75751 Unfortunately, no. I replaced the pressure sensor and blew into the hose to clear anything out. Still having the same issue. Did you find any other solution?


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Tammy Markwell there is a pressure sensor that is used to determine water level. Unplug it and blow it out and then see if that made a difference. I am checking to see if I have a manual to show this a bit better.

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Thanks I will try this next!


My brand new lg washer has at least one cup of water after each load. I bought a new one because the old one leaked all over the floor. This seems like an archaic system. It is still under warranty, so might return. It. Is this a problem with other brands?


@connieweldon I would definitely contact your LG sales rep or service rep and discuss this with them. It is brand new so you should have no issues with it. If you are unhappy with your washer, it usually does not get better with age. Have them fix it now.


Thanks for your response. I tried on Friday and could not talk to a person despite long waits. I did get the chat line which was unnerving. It said to run another spin cycle after removing the clothes....So much for energy efficiency. It took several minutes to get a response back after each time I answered their questions. Once I had less than a minute delay, they cut me off saying due to lack of response, they were shutting down... so frustrating. I will try to get a real human on Monday. I bought from Costco, so I expect that returning the washer will be less difficult than the chat line.

thanks again!


I tried blowing out the sensor and hose, no change. Then replaced pressure sensor, no change. I really don't want to spend a bunch of money to repair this thing... sigh.


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