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Der Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Laptop besitzt ein 15,6 Zoll LCD-Display.

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laptop processor from i3 to i7 or i9?

Can I upgrade my laptop processor from i3 to i7 or i9 ?

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Hi Bodapati,

Sorry, but I'm afraid that's not possible. On your laptop the processor is soldered to the motherboard, requiring extensive and expensive skills and equipment to remove and replace. The cost to do so would be prohibitive.

You're not the first person to wish for this; a Tom's Hardware forum user asked the same question back in 2017 and got this response:

No. That is a BGA cpu, meaning it is soldered to the motherboard and cannot be replaced without extensive skill and very specialized equipment. In essence, not at all. There are no provisions for replacement of BGA processors. When one fails, generally the entire motherboard is replaced. You might be able to find a used Inspiron 15 motherboard that came with an i5, but the cost would probably exceed what you could just buy a better laptop than it would be even WITH that i5.

That being said, new, used, and recertified motherboards are readily available at places like eBay, Amazon, and Newegg, as well many independent computer dealers. You can get them with I5, I7 and AMD processors. With prices starting at about $55 USD, that would be your best bet for upgrading the processor in your laptop.

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I'm not worried about soldering and removing and installing new cpu.. just wanted to know if an 8 core CPU would fit the socket.. Thanks..


@Kewlrane Greyeagle I don’t think there are any 8 core CPUs available for this array. Especially any that will actually work and won’t overheat. Even if there was it would not be worth it inside an Inspiron. Why do you need 8 cores? I don’t know of many uses for that on a laptop off this caliber.


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