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Overall, the Ryobi P261 Impact Wrench is cordless, making it highly convenient and lightweight. This cordless wrench is a great option for small to medium-sized jobs that require flexibility and ease of movement.

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do I need torque limmitin devices to install lug nuts

Do i need to use torque limiters to install my wheel lug nuts?

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Hi @s650,

What is the make and model and year of the vehicle?

Most vehicle manufacturers specify the torque settings for the wheel nuts so as to not have them over tightened.

Sometimes it is shown in the specs in the owner manual but mostly not. It is usually found in the service repair manual for the vehicle though.

Also if the wheels are "after market" and not the original ones for the vehicle, the wheel manufacturer can also have torque settings for their wheels which may be different to the vehicle manufacturer's settings

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I was looking to see if the ryobi p261 needed torque limiting in general



According to the specifications it produces 300ft/lbs of torque.

In the user manual it also says: "NOTICE: Do not use this tool to install lug nuts on wheels without a torque limiting device. Doing so may result in galled or broken lugs".


I would definitely think you'd want to limit the torque being used to install lug nuts. On a car with torque specs of say 90 ft/lbs for the lug nuts, I wouldn't want the impact wrench to go much higher than about 50 ft/lbs, then I can set them to the proper torque with a torque wrench.

I mean, imagine if you put them on with the default 300 lbs of torque. Somebody would be sitting on the side of the road with a flat tire cursing your name!


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