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ulefone power armor 14 no power

does anyone have a tutorial on how to teardown ulefone power armor 14 because mine is not powering on when i put the charger the red light indicator is on but the battery is not charging maybe the battery is the problem

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Im in the same situation as yours, it is brand new and an expert told me its battery failure from the manufacturer, so we need to purchase a spare battery online, if you managed to fix it plz


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Hi @y3tb0s

It seems like a very new phone as it was only officially released in Oct, 2021.

There is a 12 month manufacturer's warranty on the device so perhaps it may be better to get a warranty repair done on the phone rather than opening it up to check what the problem is.

Opening the phone will definitely void the warranty if it is still within the warranty period.

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the problem is my brother bought the phone in the bahamas and he already back there to work and the phone is here in the philippines so i cannot do the warranty. anyway thanks @jayeff


Hi @y3tb0s

Have you tried a different compatible charger or charging cable to see if they are the problem and not the phone?

The phone is that new that it seems there are no spare parts available yet except perhaps from the manufacturer


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