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Dies ist die kleinere kostengünstigere Version von Samsung zehntem Galaxy Flaggschiff-Smartphone, das im Februar 2019 auf den Markt kam. Es wird mit Android 9.0 (Pie) geliefert.

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My phone is not charging

My s10e is not charging. Each time I I plug it in it shows a notification saying that the cable is not recognised. I have tried rebooting the device and using a different cable and power source. Should I replace the battery?

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Ibrahim Hanif make sure that you do have a good cable and you could try an original. If that does not work you will have to check the power port. Clean it with a couple of drops of isopropyl Alcohol and some puffs of compressed air or equivalent. If that does not change anything your next step would be to replace the charging board.

A bad battery would not give you that type of error message. If you take your phone apart its always a good idea to change it anyway.

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Probably damaged charge port,

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