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Do you think this repairable?

I didnt use enough heat to get the ambient sensor off and it separated.
I am getting the message that says Face ID cant activate, so I'm not sure if that's because of my installation is not right, or if its indeed because of the ambient sensor?

Can this even be repaired?
Attached is what the separation looks like from the sensor.

Block Image

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This cable is needed for FaceID to function. It may be repairable with micro-soldering, but it looks like the traces were ripped from the cable, so it would be very difficult.

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Bummer! I know that the sensors are paired to system board so my only option would be to micro solder..

thank you! I needed that confirmation!


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If the pads have been ripped off then you probably have no chance. You might have to bite the bullet and go without face id. That or go down the expensive apple route.

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