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The seventh iteration of Apple's iPod Touch, released May 2019. This model comes with up to 256 GB of storage and an A10 processor. Model number A2178.

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Battery issues in new iPod Touch 7th Gen

IPod Touch is 4 mths old (under warranty). Battery health is 100% (20 cycles completed) but backup is only 1-1.5 hour if I surf and watch videos. The service centre says since health is 100% they won't do anything. But backup is too less. What are my options?

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When you say the service centre I am assuming you are talking about apple support/apple store

There are lots of good ways to extend they battery life of your iPod touch such as

Closing apple that are running in the background

Turing down your brightness

Turing your Bluetooth off when not in use

Turning off background app refresh

If the above doesn’t help and apple isn’t doing anything else you could replace the battery but that would void your warranty and it’s not a easy task

I would go to apple again before we do any repairs ourselves as we want to keep our warranty intact

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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