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Repair and information guide for the Samsung RS25J500D** refrigerator—a side-mounted freezer model with built-in design, automatic ice maker, and through-the-door service features. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern RS25J500D**.

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I have model RS25J500DSG/AA 01 and the refrigerator is freezing

I have model RS25J500DSG/AA 01 and the refrigerator is freezing, I have already cleaned the coils and then replaced the temp sensor but refrigerator is still freezing foods. Sounds like it may be the damper, how do I test it?

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Hi @mikekillian

Here's the service manual for the refrigerator.

Go to p.41 to see how to run the Self Diagnostics and see what error codes (if any) show.

Also on p.42 there is a Load Operation Check Function as well that tests the functions of the refrigerator.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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The manual was very helpful, the 1 question I have is how do I know which led refers to which number? Is there a list somewhere that states which number each LED corresponds to?


OK I think I found it, the LED's are the Freezer and Refrigerator temp buttons...correct?

If non of them list then it is not showing anything.

But my Refrigerator keeps freezing and I replaced the temp sensor and if no LEDs are flashing I don't have a control board problem so the only thing it can be is the damper correct?



Disconnect the power and check the wiring to the damper using an Ohmmeter from CN76 on the main control board to make sure that the damper circuit is OK - see p.62 of the manual


A bit late, but I was hoping to get the LED reference number question answered. I am showing 2 LED lights on the freezer side, however, I am not sure if the numbers start from top to bottom or bottom to top lol



The LEDs count from the bottom up i.e.1→7

Freezer side LEDs #1 & #2 indicate a freezer sensor problem i.e. fault code #8

See p.41 of the service manual linked above for how to check what's wrong.


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My ice maker has quit working. It has quit filling up with water. I watched a video on how to reset the ice maker but couldn’t find the button.

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What do i do?



Please confirm the model number of your refrigerator?


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