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Reparatur- und Zerlegeanleitungen für die 2020er Neuauflage des MacBook Air. Erschienen im März 2020

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T2 Chip Restore Keeps Failing

My MacBook Air Early 2020 recently had a issue while running the macOS Ventura Beta, the keyboard and trackpad suddenly stopped working and the system refused to boot (it would just stay on the apple logo while the fans ramped up in the background.) but if I left it on for around 30 min. the login screen would appear but trackpad and keyboard still didn't work. I thought the T2 chip was the culprit because the T2 Chip controls the keyboard and mouse. So I restored it with Apple Configurator 2. But the restore would constantly fail. It would always failed at the end. looking though the logs the error code was ipd_update_failed -3 which makes me think that the keyboard and mouse are the culprit. Can anyone help me out? There's not results for the error code on google.

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I think the smart thing here is to visit an Apple Store who has local repair staff. I'm sure they can fix this. Apple has hit a few updates which bricked systems or failed to update running Beta.


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This actually sounds like your theory could be correct. That the Keyboard and trackpad have something to do with it. Especially with the “IPD” failed since the IPD cable goes to trackpad and keyboard.

I have never seen this specific error before, and I also could not find anything about it, could be a T2 issue, could just be something with the IPD cable, although that seems weird, but either way.

Have you opened the machine up at all to have a look inside?

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I had a look inside, there’s no visible damage except for a lot of dust. The IPD Flex Cable wasn’t adhered to the battery like it’s supposed to. But that might be because I had the screen replaced by apple. I do think it’s something to do with the keyboard and mouse. But before I tried to restore the T2 chip, the computer would respond to NVRAM and SMC resets as the computer restarted when the keys were held. And it still responds to putting in DFU mode by holding the Shift + Control + Option + Power Button.

I really don’t understand what’s wrong with it. Theres is little documentation on the T2 chip so it’s hard to figure anything out


@lelandb03 Yes. Apple has a habit of making documentation for error codes, and well, pretty much everything other than basic use stuff difficult to find or not available to the public.

I honestly still wonder if this is related to the trackpad specifically. The Fan revving up to full speed and taking ages to do anything sounds like it could be the SMC going into overdrive because the trackpad sensor isn’t checking in. Could literally just be the cable crapping out, or having a couple lines severed. I have seen those cables get little pockmarks or tears in them from debris that gets into the machine through the little gaps around the trackpad. So I would give that cable a good thorough inspection.

Could also be a firmware thing because of the beta software. But if it’s just the IPD cable, that’s a pretty cheap and easy fix.


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