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Can the USB port on a singer legacy be replaced

Can the USB port be replaced on my singer legacy SE300

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Yes it can be replace but it’s most likely a soldering job

The best way of doing it is by first applying low melt solder to lower the melting point of the solder that’s already there and then remove the port itself with hot air if you have the equipment but a soldering iron will do if you use the low melt solder

Once the port is removed use a solder wick to remove any low melt solder and prep the pads for the new port,once ready put your new port in place (when ordering make sure you have one that looks the same as the one removed)and solder the back and front legs if it has any to secure the port in place ,then solder the connections in place and make sure they are connected by tapping them individually

I also recommend using a fine tip soldering iron and a quality solder and flux as it makes a massive difference

Also make sure to clean your soldering joints up with some isopropyl alcohol as it makes for a cleaner and better job

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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@eyesofmint this is to augment the excellent answer my esteemed colleague already left. The USB port is soldered to the CPU board. In the attached image #10 is the USB cover and if you follow the dotted line, you recognize the outline of the USB connector.

Block Image

Now, to get to the board, the disassembly part of the service manual for your Singer should help you with that. SE 300 Disassembly

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