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Informationen zur Reparatur von Apples kabellosen High-End Ohrhörern, die zuerst im Oktober 2019 auf den Markt kamen. Preislich liegen sie über den normalen AirPods.

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Airpod Earpiece Plastic falling off the rubber.

my left airpod has removable earpeices, but there are 2 parts, the plastic, and the rubber attached that should not be removed, both of them have broken off and i dont know how to fix it.

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You buy new tips, Apple sells them.

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7$ for tips? i dont think so im broke af


@Charles Geary Years of experience tells me, don’t try to be cheap, costs you more in the end.


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If you really wanted to you could try some super glue gel and attempt to reattach the silicon but but silicon in picky to adhere to things so you might as well replace them as apple sells them quite cheaply

Here’s a link to them







Or you could use the left over ones from inside the box

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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There are also aftermarket sellers of tips that are more affordable than Apple.


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I don't think these are intended to last a long time, not as long as you own and use the AirPods. That's why there's an active market of third party replacements. In my brief look, it seems many offer whole sets (XS, S, M, L) despite if you only need one size; a few are thoughtful enough to supply a set in only one size, despite the fact you'll probably buy from them less often -- three pairs in one size will last you longer than one pair and three other pairs that you discard. (This ignores if you "cheat" and use near size pairs like I do; I start to feel discomfort with Mediums so switch to Small.)

You can make these last a bit longer if you clean them regularly with a diluted solution of gentle soap (Castile liquid soap is ideal), warm water, then dry off excess water and let them air dry. If you use your AirPods daily, having a spare set in the same size allows for this.

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