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Removing a screen set with epoxy - tool advice needed

I know I screwed up big time, but here it goes.

Two years ago, I had to replace a screen on my S4. The replacement went fine. However, I did not have B7000 glue on hand. Feeling impatient, I used epoxy to set the screen. The repair held up fine; the problem is now I need to replace the battery.

What good prying tool would you recommend to dig through a layer of epoxy between the screen and the body of the watch? Of course, there will be acetone involved.

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Vladislav Ekimtcov some isopropyl alcohol in a syringe with a blunt needle to try to soak the epoxy. After that some heat and the smallest dental pick you can find to try to gently scrape away the epoxy. It'll take a ton of patience.....

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Thank you! Did not think the heat would help with epoxy, but seems like it will. How hot does it have to get?


@Vladislav Ekimtcov just try to get the epoxy „Tacky“ don‘t try to melt it since that may cause more damage. You‘d have to experiment a bit, so start with low heat. More of a steady warm…


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