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Aktualisierte Version des Retina MacBook 2015. Modell A1534, EMC 2991.

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Did I kill my MacBook?

I just replaced my screen and when I was putting it back together, the computer came on! (Yay!) It looked like the coast was clear, so I reconnected the trackpad cable, closed the clamshell, plugged it in to let it charge and 1 min later, it just shut down, and never turned back on.

So I opened it back up, and noticed that I installed the trackpad cable upside down. Would that have done it? The only sign of life I get is a white LED on the logic board that lights up when I connect the charger.


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Can you connect the device to an external display to see if you get content?


Nothing. I won’t even power on, post, or boot.

No green caps lock LED or anything.


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if it's an A1534 12" macbook, these are well know for the CPU just dying, where there is no fix for this I'm afraid.

There is the additional issue that without being able to disconnect the battery on these until everything else is 'out' - You run the risk of causing issues when changing the screen as the board is still live. Quite a ridiculous design flaw.

You can check this by plugging in a USB mouse with a USB-C adater. If there is light from under the mouse there is CPU activity, if nothing, CPU is dead. This model also suffers SSD just dying too.

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